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Do you have any organic, vegan, or natural wines?

Yes, we sure do! We have a whole bunch of them at most times!. The easiest way to find them is to go to our Wines page and then click the Filter setting > Select Production Methods > and filter by your style of Production method. All wines contained

Do you have an App?

We sure do! This is a big one for us. We love our app, and think you will too. Our app not only makes everything you can currently do on the site much easier than mobile browsing, but we've also specifically designed how you interact with your Past W

What are Lists? And how can I create them?

We've built the Saved Lists feature to allow you to keep track of any bottles you either want to drink or have already tried and want to remember. You can always add a bottle from the Wines page or from your Past Wines to a list and you can create as

Can I return wine if there's a problem?

Oh no! That's really disappointing! We're so sorry about this :(. Whether we made a mistake and sent the wrong wine, there was a flaw or it seemed faulty, if it was damaged in transit, or even if we didn't provide a great recommendation and you don't

Is there a way to only get vegan-friendly wines?

We're excited to say that we do offer a vegan wine subscription here at Good Pair Days!. We have an extensive range of organic, vegan and biodynamic wines available, depending on your requirements. We're adding new wines in these categories every mon

I love the look of some wines in your wine list. Do I have to subscribe to try them?

Absolutely not!. You can always make one-off orders from the All Wines page. You can make as many one-off purchases as you like without ever needing to sign up for any subscription. Our subscribed members do receive some sweet member benefits, such a

What if I don't like a wine you send me?

One of the things we love about winemaking is that it's not like a factory production process, it's more of an art form. But as with any art, people's tastes are all different. We completely get it. We'll do our best to make sure we pair your prefere

What happens if my wine is faulty or flawed?

Arghh! We hate when this happens. And we understand how disappointing this can be. Unfortunately, wine is a natural product and that can mean that things occasionally go wrong or slip through the cracks. That's why we have a 100% happiness guarantee.

What exactly do I get in my monthly wine box?

Let's start with the most important thing. Your box will, of course, contain your sweet, sweet wine. Well, not actually sweet wine, unless you've ordered that. But certainly delicious wine. But, on top of that, we include tasting notes, food pairings

How do you choose your wines?

Okay so the official marketing line is:. We choose wines that reflect the maker’s quirks and personalities. We choose wines with a story behind each bottle — where it comes from, why it’s special, why it’s so amazingly delicious. We hunt for the deep