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What if I don't like a wine you send me?Updated 8 months ago

One of the things we love about winemaking is that it's not like a factory production process, it's more of an art form. But as with any art, people's tastes are all different. We completely get it. We'll do our best to make sure we pair your preferences with the best bottles, but if we miss the mark, then we will always make up for it. That's why we have a 100% happiness guarantee. This means that we're always happy to offer you a replacement bottle in your next box.

If you think there is a flaw in your wine, something's wrong with the bottle, or if you simply didn't enjoy it, just let us know by replying to any email we send you and we'll get your replacement bottle sorted quick smart.

We trust our wine squad. That's why it's that easy.

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