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How do you choose your wines?Updated 8 months ago

Okay so the official marketing line is: 

We choose wines that reflect the maker’s quirks and personalities. We choose wines with a story behind each bottle — where it comes from, why it’s special, why it’s so amazingly delicious. We hunt for the deep-batch bottles, the ones you’re not going to find in your local bottle shop. We're completely independent, so we only pick the bottles we love, so you can love them too. And our business model means we can go directly to the real talent, the makers! Bypassing the middlemen, which means better value for you.

But in all seriousness it's true:

One of our co-founders is a world-famous, multi-awarded sommelier. He has one of the best noses in the business and his reputation is on the line with every bottle he picks, so you can be sure he's only choosing the best. He's been in the wine and restaurant game for almost 20 years and has built deep ties with some of the best wineries around the world. He and his wine team generally don't stock the factory bottles you can find in the big bottle shop chains. If you are going to find our bottles somewhere else, it's likely to be on great restaurant wine lists or in boutique cellars. But because of our unique business model, we can almost always get these at better prices and pass on the savings to you.


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