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What is the Taste Test Challenge?

We know how complicated and confusing the wine industry loves to make their delicious product. So making things transparent and understandable is a core belief of what we are all about. So we never want to be pretentious or get too academic about it.

How can I pay?

If you're asking this then it sounds like we're almost there and you're about to embark on a great wine. We currently accept credit and debit cards through our secure payment gateway called Stripe. It's one of the most secure and trusted payment proc

Can I choose my own wines each month?

You sure can!. You can always make swaps up until we start packing your box on the morning after billing. Or if you know exactly what you want for a month, you can go in at any time and replace your "to be recommended" bottles with your own selection

My friend gave me a referral code. How do I use it?

That’s awesome, we’re thrilled that your friend recommended us!. All you've got to do to use the referral code is enter it at checkout. Just get started as a normal sign up and you will see the field "Referral Code” to enter it in. Once you've entere

How do we make your recommendations?

This is the most exciting part of what we do! It all starts with the palate quiz you take. This gives us our first insight into what you will enjoy. Each question is specifically designed to match an important wine characteristic, to give us a sense

Will I be locked in?

Only to the house - to drink your delicious wine.Joking - not at all. You can cancel, skip months or change your delivery frequency at any time. No lock-ins or commitments. That wouldn't be cool. Once you log into your account, it's just a couple of

How do I start my monthly wine journey?

It really is as easy as 1, 2 and 3! Just three simple steps, which we dive down into below, stand between you and your first box of wine adventures... 1) Start by taking our palate quiz. This gives us a starting point to choose wines to pair with you

Do I have to subscribe to a monthly box to get my hands on some of your delicious bottles?

Absolutely not! You can purchase wines as a gift for someone else without a subscription, at any time. There's a good chance you'll get jealous of all the great stuff your friend is receiving however....just sayin.