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How do we make your recommendations?Updated 8 months ago

This is the most exciting part of what we do! It all starts with the palate quiz you take. This gives us our first insight into what you will enjoy. Each question is specifically designed to match an important wine characteristic, to give us a sense of your taste preferences.

Our team of wine lovers, lead by our world-famous sommeliers (fancy name for wine experts), have to taste every bottle we sell a bunch of times, to not only make sure they are delicious but also record up to 50 different characteristics for each bottle. Things like sweetness and acidity and a whole bunch more.

Then the fun part happens. After you receive and taste test your delicious wines, you get to rate them and tell us how close we were to the mark on our first attempt. Those ratings feed right back into our recommendations system and help us make smarter and smarter pairings for you as we go. 

It all comes down to us listening to what you tell us, and then using our expertise and personalisation tech to turn that into a custom wine experience that is unique to you!

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