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How do I start my monthly wine journey?Updated 8 months ago

It really is as easy as 1, 2 and 3! Just three simple steps, which we dive down into below, stand between you and your first box of wine adventures...

1) Start by taking our palate quiz.

This gives us a starting point to choose wines to pair with your personal tastes. Each question is specifically designed to help us identify what wine characteristics you'll like and also figure out what selection would suit your price and colour preferences.

2) Take our recommendations or make your own selection.

We'll recommend the top three bottles we think that would match your tastes. But you don't have to accept these if you're got other ideas (you rebel, you). You can ask for new recommendations by refreshing each bottle or head to the All Wines page and choose them all yourself. 

3) Your personalised selection!

These first bottles will form the basis for your ongoing wine preferences. But you can always update them if you like. But once you're happy, lock in your choices and head to the checkout to enter all your delivery and payment information in our secure checkout. 

That's it. Give it a whirl. It's lots of fun - we promise!



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