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What is the Taste Test Challenge?Updated 8 months ago

We know how complicated and confusing the wine industry loves to make their delicious product. So making things transparent and understandable is a core belief of what we are all about. So we never want to be pretentious or get too academic about it. But in saying that we still really love to learn about this beautiful stuff we call wine. Just at a level and pace that makes each of our members happy.

So with this in mind, we built the taste test challenge to help you understand your tastebuds and the key characteristics of wine a little more. You can access it for any bottle you order directly from your Past Wines.

It's not meant to be a difficult test - instead, we simply run you through a few questions you can answer while you are tasting a bottle to understand a wine's individual characteristics. Things like acidity, sweetness, tannins, etc. And for every question that we ask, we also give a little explanation afterwards about what you can look for to help identify this characteristic. 

You can keep score and see how you improve over time, or equally ignore it altogether. It's up to you. Give it a whirl and see.

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