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Why did I not receive an email on this month's wine recommendations?

We never send out wines without first sending you your wine recommendations four days before you are billed!. If you did not get one, it's most likely because it's either in your Spam folder or your email service has rejected it for some reason. Plea

I skipped for a month, but why is a box on the way?

Before we charge you on your assigned billing day, we'll always send out an email with your wine recommendations and you can make changes for four days before they are locked in and we charge you. We understand that you may sometimes want to opt-out

How can I see my previous orders?

Want to relive those past glories? All you've got to do is log in and click on Past Orders in your dashboard. You can also download all past invoices and click through to the tracking details if it's still making its journey to your door.

How do I get my hands on my invoices?

To makes things as easy as possible, you can always access any past invoices from the Past Orders section in when you log into your account. But if you're having trouble tracking one down, just let us know via email and we'll be happy to help find th

Can I choose my own wines each month?

You sure can!. You can always make swaps up until we start packing your box on the morning after billing. Or if you know exactly what you want for a month, you can go in at any time and replace your "to be recommended" bottles with your own selection

When will my wines be selected?

To make sure we know exactly the wines we have available and which wines you can choose for your box, we make all recommendations 4 days before your billing day. This means we always have an accurate understanding of our stock levels so we don't disa