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How do I download the mobile app from iOS store?

Australian Members :. To download the iOS app, please change your App Store to Australia. Then head to to download. UK Members :. To download the iOS app, please change your App Store to UK. T

How does the Taste Test Challenge work?

We know how complicated and confusing the wine industry loves to make their delicious product. So making things transparent and understandable is a core belief of what we are all about. So we never want to be pretentious or get too academic about it.

What are lists and how can I create them?

We've built the Saved Lists feature to allow you to keep track of any bottles you either want to drink or have already tried and want to remember. You can always add a bottle from the All Wines page or from your Past Wines to a list and you can creat

Where can I see my past bottles received?

You can always access the wines you've previously received. All you have to do is login and head to your Past Wines. Any bottles that you haven't rated will be at the top and if you can't find a particular bottle, you can try searching by the month i

How do I rate my bottles?

Whilst we think we're pretty non-judgemental, rating bottles is a huge part of what we do! So we want to make this as convenient and enjoyable as possible. All you have to do is log in and head to your Past Wines. Any bottles that you haven't rated w

How do I earn badges and points?

Awesome question - it's one of our favourite things!. To start, log in and head to My Account -> Points & Badges. From here you can see all the badges you've already got and all the ones that you can still collect. Plus, you can see what you have to

How do I update my wine preferences?

Good question! We like where your heads at because we want to do everything possible to only be sending you wines you will love. Log in and head to your settings. From here you can specify exactly how many bottles of each colour and in which price po

How do I change my delivery details?

This is super easy to do. You just need to log in to your account, head to your Settings, and click on Shipping. From there you can click on Update Shipping Address to tell us where we can send your next delicious boxes of vino. If you forgot to chan

Can I pause my account without cancelling?

You sure can!. You can pause your account whenever you like by logging in, heading to your Settings, and clicking on Pause. You can choose to skip one, two or three months or, if you prefer, change your delivery frequency to every two or three months

Three bottles isn't enough. How do I increase my box size?

We've got good news for you. There's no restriction on how many bottles you can receive each month. And it's fully customisable so that you get exactly what you want. Just head to your settings and click on "Box and Spend" and you can specify exactly

Can I change my billing or shipping day each month?

You sure can! We get asked this all the time. The simplest way is to log in to your account and head to your Settings. From there you can change your monthly billing day to whatever tickles your fancy. And we always ship your box off the day after bi

I have too much wine! Can I take a some time off?

You sure can. Whether it's time for a break, or you need to save a bit of cash, or you just need some time to work your way through your delicious bottles without the stress of new ones turning up, we completely understand. That's why we've made it r

Why was I charged $1/£1 ?

Here at Good Pair Days, we take your security and privacy super seriously. That's why we do not store or manage your credit card data ourselves. We actually use a global leader in payment services who maintain all levels of security when it comes to