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Why was I charged $1/£1 ?Updated 8 months ago

Here at Good Pair Days, we take your security and privacy super seriously. That's why we do not store or manage your credit card data ourselves. We actually use a global leader in payment services who maintain all levels of security when it comes to your card details. When you enter your card details to our checkout or in your account, it is sent directly to them without us seeing it. As a part of their process to avoid fraudulent activity, they do a quick check of your card details with your own bank or card provider using a temporary authorisation of either $0 or $1, or in the UK, £1.

Regardless of whether or not the authorisation is declined or accepted, the payment provider will reverse the authorisation request immediately, but it may take 7-10 business days for the pending authorisation to disappear from your bank statement.

There is no action required from you, and we haven't taken $1/£1 from you for no reason. It's just a part of keeping everything nicely safe and secure.

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