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What happens to any gifts or rewards I've earned when my account is on hold?

Your free gift or reward won't go anywhere - we'll keep it safe and sound for you for your next order.

How is the gift subscription charged?

Cheers! Thank you for considering a gift subscription to your family/friends. The gift subscription is charged upfront for the whole subscription. Your family/friends will only need to redeem it without any additional cost unless they choose to get m

Do I have to subscribe to send a gift to a friend?

Absolutely not!. You can purchase wines as a gift for someone else, without your own wine subscription, at any time. However, if you're keen on getting any of our wonderful welcomes gifts, or accessing some of our educational wine quizzes, you'll nee

If I give a gift, will they be pressured to sign up afterwards?

Not at all. That's not our jam. We never pressure people to sign up or mislead people into subscribing. Your gift recipient will never be asked for their payment details unless they would like to purchase additional bottles. In saying that we do of c

Do you give bulk discounts for corporate gifts?

Unfortunately at this stage, we can't offer this. All our gifts get specially packed with handwritten notes and then individually shipped. So we can't currently make this work we're sorry. Please visit:

I've been given a gift, do I need to pay anything?

Not at all. All costs should be covered by the gift giver. They've taken care of everything - good on them. The only times you'll be asked to enter payment information is if you add more bottles on top of your gift amount, change to a different price

How do I redeem a gift I've been given?

Congratulations! You're about to start on your very own wine journey. All you've got to do is head to and enter your code to get started. If you already have an account set up, that's cool too. Just log in before red